Benefits Of Invisalign

Chesapeake VA OrthodontistAre you experiencing smile dissatisfaction? Have you been looking in the mirror and practicing a smile that can both offer a friendly gesture, yet cover your gaps or crowded teeth? If you’re ready for a new tooth landscape, it may be time to consider contacting Midgette Family Dentistry to inquire if Invisalign is right for you.

There are many benefits of Invisalign. Here are just three of them!

  1. Your Invisalign clear aligning trays are like owning that little black dress. Just like your little black dress, Invisalign goes with anything and goes anywhere. The clear trays are unnoticeable and never clash with any of your other accessories or clothes.
  2. Your Invisalign clear aligner trays can be removed for maximum cleaning abilities. When wearing traditional metal braces it can be difficult to maneuver around them to achieve optimal dental care. With Invisalign, you can remove the tray and navigate in and through all of the areas of your mouth and teeth.
  3. Your Invisalign aligner trays can be removed to allow you to enjoy the foods you’ve always enjoyed. With traditional braces, there are many limitations on what you can eat. Go ahead and enjoy all foods and drinks while under the treatment of Invisalign; the only requirement is for you to remove the aligner trays first. Enjoy your food or drinks and then replace your trays back into your mouth.

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If you’re experiencing tooth dissatisfaction, call our offices at Midgette Family Dentistry today. You’ll enjoy experiencing the benefits of Invisalign just like many of our other patients. Call and book your appointment today.

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