You Can Smile White with Red Wine and Black Coffee in Chesapeake, VA

Indeed, every caffeine-lover understands how tempting it is to sip a mug of black coffee or foamy espresso whether every morning or in the middle of the day. No doubt about it. If there’s one drink that people can’t leave without, it’s probably coffee. For some, coffee is essential in starting off the day. It keeps them on their toes because of its properties that are said to stimulate the brain.

Another beverage that has found favor to a large number of people is a glass of tasty red wine. It is a sought-after drink in most occasions and celebrations. Unfortunately, while people consider these two as the all-time favorite liquid refreshment, these are not good for the teeth as they have intense colors that cause discolorations.

But hey coffeeholics and red wine fans, Midgette Family Dentistry is here to help! But before anything else, let’s first understand the two types of stains; intrinsic and extrinsic. During childhood, it is normal for stains to occur inside the tooth’s enamel as it grows and develops, the staining is called as intrinsic. A high fever, intake of certain antibiotics like tetracycline, or consuming excessive amounts of fluoride can lead to permanent deep-seated stains in the teeth.

On the other hand, extrinsic stain involves outer discoloration of the enamel. It is often the result of ingesting highly pigmented foods or drinks like black coffee and red wine. Fortunately, this can be solved by a Teeth Whitening procedure offered by Midgette Family Dentistry.

Teeth Whitening

Tips to Keep a White Smile

We understand that achieving the best smile could be challenging especially for those who love coffee and red wine so much. Nevertheless, we listed down tips to keep their white smile without sacrificing their go-to drinks!

  • Rinse or brush the teeth after consuming colorful liquids to prevent unwanted particles like sugar from clinging on the teeth. Investing in an electric toothbrush for an extra cleaning is best.
  • Consider using a straw when drinking to help the beverages bypass the teeth.
  • Lessen the use of “add-ons” to your coffee such as milk or sugar as it allows the bacteria from sticking into the tooth’s surface.

When all else fails, visit Midgette Family Dentistry for checkups, cleanings, preventive care, and whitening treatments. Since we are dedicated to maintaining the healthy smiles of our patients, we make sure to provide them with only the most effective and reliable treatments!


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