Composite Fillings Chesapeake, VA

For decades, composite fillings have been keeping the smiles of the world looking bright and natural. Composites are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that have been used to fill cavities in anterior teeth for years. However, they were seldom used for back teeth due to fragility. Molars need to withstand tons of pressure on a daily basis and composite resins were not as strong or as durable as their silver amalgam counterparts.

Advances in dental technologies and materials now make it possible to use composite fillings in just about any situation, including those involving molars. The materials used to produce today’s composites are practically as durable as metal fillings. Improvements in composites allow for them to be used as replacements for old silver fillings, producing an even more attractive smile than before. Smile, laugh and sing at the top of your lungs with your mouth wide open without a thought about silver fillings exposing your dental work! Your teeth will look flawless.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resins are comprised of a mixture of glass or ceramic and plastic. They are colored to match the color of the tooth being filled. Some composites require a special light that cures or hardens the material. These fillings are put down in layers with the light being used to cure individual layers. This ensures the filling will be strong and last for years to come.

When the cavity is filled, excess material is removed. Next, the filling is smoothed so there are no rough spots. When that phase is completed, it is then polished to a sheen that matches your natural tooth. The resulting filling looks and feels like your natural tooth.

Composites make your smile appear as if you have always had perfect teeth. If you have cavities or if you want to replace your silver amalgam fillings, contact Midgette Family Dentistry today. We will be happy to renew your smile and make it look perfectly natural with composite resin fillings.