Dental Bridges Chesapeake, VA

“Windows” are not so beautiful when they appear in your smile. The spaces caused by missing teeth can be the cause of many additional dental issues besides marring your smile. Close those windows with a natural-looking dental bridge. Prevent further problems from developing and restore your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

A dental bridge consists of an authentic looking replacement tooth or teeth attached to two crowns. The crowns fit over the two teeth on either side of the gap caused by the missing tooth or teeth. The dental bridge restores the support lost due to missing teeth. In the case of missing back teeth, it also supplies much-needed chewing surface so you can once again chew your food properly.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth can compromise your appearance by causing you to look older. The missing support may cause your cheeks or lips to look caved in. This sunken look adds years to your facial appearance. A dental bridge restores the support to these areas producing a more youthful, vibrant look.

Missing chewing surface also affects your ability to chew your food sufficiently for maximum intake of nutrients. This could lead to general health problems. Additionally, teeth will begin to shift into the space causing misalignment as they rotate or lean out of place. Small gaps form food traps and places that plaque can accumulate. These spaces become ripe areas for gingivitis. A dental bridge eliminates these issues.

Dental bridges restore your smile, your ability to chew your food properly and they improve your general oral health. Also, you look younger as a result! Unlike partial dentures, a bridge is a permanent fixture so you do not need to worry about taking it out to clean or soaking it overnight. For a more convenient replacement option than a partial and more affordable than a dental implant, consider a dental bridge to close the windows in your smile! Contact Midgette Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation for you or a family member.