Dental Implants Chesapeake, VA

Dental implants change the way you live your life. Midgette Family Dentistry wants to be your professional dentist for new dental implants. We believe implants can restore more than just your look. With advances in technology in restorative dentistry, dental implants are a potential repair for many broken smiles.

Dental implants are most often made from metal or ceramic. Advances in x-rays and photography, aided by computers, mean many implants are undetectable from your natural teeth. This makes them an ideal way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. On some occasions, they can even connect to a denture. Every situation is unique and we use precision technology to customize repairs. Implants are usually made of either metal or ceramic. Ceramic implants offer the most natural-looking solution to every smile.

The implant is centered into the hole where the root of the broken tooth once existed. By connecting the implant to the jaw, the repair is stronger and longer lasting. It is a true replacement for the lost tooth. If the implant cannot be fixed directly to the jaw bone, a metal framework is built to hold the implant securely.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

Implants are often the repair of choice because they provide two benefits. The chewing strength in the jaw is increased, and the cosmetic appearance of the smile is restored. Having a beautiful smile gives us permission to smile more often – and that makes everyone’s day brighter. Implant repair truly can be life changing.

We specialize in providing and caring for superior dental implants. We take you through the entire procedure, beginning with an online appointment request. You will be well cared for throughout your time at the clinic. When your procedure is complete, we will walk you through your financing options, as well as set your next appointment, if needed.

Contact Midgette Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment today to prepare for your new dental implant. Your smile misses you.