Dentures Chesapeake, VA

There is no substitute for a beautiful smile full of natural, white teeth. But when that smile is blemished due to missing teeth, it can be restored with dentures. The spaces caused by missing teeth are the source of many problems including an older, more weary appearance. Your ability to eat the foods you love decreases with each tooth that is missing. When all your teeth are missing, your dietary options are drastically reduced. All of that can be changed with dentures.

When your upper or lower arch is missing all the teeth, a full denture will replace them. When both arches are completely devoid of teeth, a complete set of dentures will restore your smile and ability to eat well again. It will also restore a youthful look as the muscles in your cheeks and lips will now be fully supported again. Imagine looking younger with a beautiful, full smile to share with friends and family.

Partial Dentures Chesapeake, VA

Dental implants and bridges are often recommended when one tooth or a few teeth are missing. When an implant or bridge is not advisable or practical, partial dentures provide a suitable alternative. These removable devices restore your missing chewing surface on back teeth and when used to replace front teeth, they restore a full smile.

If you have missing teeth and would like to have them restored, call Midgette Family Dentistry. We will talk with you about your options for replacing all your missing teeth. Your oral health and general health may be affected by missing teeth. A denture or a set of dentures can turn it around and enhance your appearance. A restored smile will also generate a sense of self-confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Why wait any longer to have missing teeth replaced? Contact Midgette Family Dentistry today and let us get you back on the road to optimum oral health. You will love having a full smile again.