Emergency Dentistry Chesapeake, VA

When you are facing unbearable toothache or jaw pain, you may consider going to the nearest hospital emergency room for help to get the discomfort under control. Most of the time, what you will experience is a long, impersonal wait time. The best they can do is give you pain medication and advise you to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Skip the middleman and give Midgette Family Dentistry a call, where high-quality emergency dentistry is delivered skillfully and compassionately. We welcome emergency dental care patients. Not only will you receive personal, attentive care, we handle all of our emergency patients with an understanding of the discomfort they feel. You will experience our gentle chairside manner as we examine you to find the cause of your discomfort. Once it is discovered, we go to work to eliminate the pain and its source with dental treatment.

Urgent Dental Care Chesapeake, VA

When you are in need of urgent dental care, why go to a hospital that may not be equipped or staffed to adequately handle your situation? A dental office is the best place and should be the first place you bring your dental emergency. We are equipped and staffed to handle all manner of dental urgent care needs. If you have an infected tooth that needs immediate attention, a broken tooth that needs repair or a broken denture or partial that needs to be put back together, we are here for you.

Midgette Family Dentistry has time scheduled in each day for dental emergency patients. When dental pain takes you by surprise and you need immediate assistance to alleviate it, contact us and we will get to the source of your discomfort. Relax in our warm and inviting atmosphere while we attend to your dental needs. Our friendly and compassionate staff will have you feeling better straight away.