Periodontal Therapy Chesapeake, VA

Allowing gum disease to advance to its later stages compromises more than just your oral health. The earlier it is addressed with general dentistry, the less likely you will lose teeth and have general health consequences. Periodontal therapy is required when gingivitis passes from early stage infection into more serious complications. The type of therapy required depends on the extent of the disease.

All treatments will begin with a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums. Gum disease is the result of bacteria, tartar buildup, food debris and the body’s reaction to the stress of infection that breeds the problems associated with periodontal disease. Meticulous cleaning of the teeth and gums is required to set the stage for healing. Damaged or badly infected tissues may need to be removed.

Gum Infection Treatment Chesapeake, VA

Infection is managed with antibiotics. They may be used directly in the gums of the affected areas, or in more severe circumstances, oral antibiotics may be prescribed to extinguish the infection. When placed in the gums the antibiotic is released over a period of time. This constant flooding of antibiotic should eventually clear up the infection.

Scaling and Root Planing Chesapeake, VA

Special dental instruments are used to get deep down into the pockets produced by the gum disease. These pockets are of varying depths around the teeth and food debris, as well as plaque and tartar, need to be completely cleaned from these areas. Once these spaces are cleaned the root of each tooth needs to be prepared so the gums can reattach.

Gums need a smooth surface to adhere to. This means that the tooth roots need to be planed. Planing instruments are used to smooth each root so the gums will heal and attach properly to the teeth again.

Ignoring periodontal disease can lead to loss of teeth. More importantly, it can also lead to loss of general health and contribute to major health problems like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Protect your health and general well-being by contacting Midgette Family Dentistry to treat your periodontal disease.