Take The Summer To Schedule Your Family’s Dental Appointment

Chesapeake VA Family DentistCan you believe it’s August already? You know what that means? School is just around the corner. Some parents are counting down the days and others are dreading sending their kiddos back to school. No matter how you feel about it, it’s going to happen soon, so make the most of these last lazy days of summer. Homework is lurking right around the corner!

Why not use these last days of summer to schedule your family’s dental appointments. At Midgette Family Dentistry, we offer Family Scheduling to make this easier on you. During your family’s appointments all members will be seen and taken care of during the same block of time. This allows you to take care of everyone all at the same time. You won’t have to drive back and forth for multiple appointments.

The older your kids get, the harder it is to pull them out of school. When your child misses time in class, they miss valuable learning opportunities. If you utilize this summer to schedule one of their dental appointments, you are ensuring that you children are not missing any important concepts or lessons that are being taught that day.

At Midgette Family Dentistry, we suggest that each member of your family comes in for a regular checkup and cleaning every six months. The ADA suggests visiting your dentist regularly for examinations and professional cleanings. During this time we can ensure that everyone is experiencing optimal dental health. Call and book your family block scheduled appointment today!

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