Tooth Extractions Chesapeake, VA

Midgette Family Dentistry is dedicated to the well-being and ideal oral health of each of our patients. Our practice is built on a belief that prevention of oral issues with general dentistry is foundational to good health. Sometimes prevention entails averting a bad situation to keep it from becoming worse. Such is the case with tooth extractions.

The idea of extracting a tooth may make the procedure seem painful; however, at Midgette Family Dentistry your comfort is one of our main priorities. We ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable for the procedure and we perform it with as little discomfort as possible. You may feel pressure as the tooth is being removed; however, we prevent you from feeling pain.

Most extractions are routine and only take a few minutes when there are no complications. Anterior teeth have one root, making them the easiest to remove. Back teeth, or molars, have up to 4 roots in some cases and may require more time. If a tooth breaks during extraction, additional effort is needed to ensure all pieces of the tooth are removed.

Damaged Tooth Removal Chesapeake, VA

There are several reasons for extracting a tooth. Keep in mind that extraction is carried out only when necessary, as it is not always the optimal choice. Dental decay is one of the most common reasons for extraction. When a tooth is so badly diseased that its structure is no longer viable and there is not enough solid structure to use for restoration, it needs to be removed.

When a tooth is damaged due to trauma or decay to the point where the crown of the tooth is very delicate or missing, extraction may be more complicated. If this is your situation, your dentist will explain to you how the procedure will be performed to ensure that the tooth is completely removed.

Tooth extraction is considered minor surgery. You will be given instructions regarding appropriate home care following the removal of your tooth. Follow the instructions as given in order to prevent complications in healing. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

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