Tooth Pain Relief Chesapeake, VA

There is nothing quite like the acute pain of a toothache. There have been a variety of theories on why tooth pain is so intense and unique. However, when you experience this type of pain, you are aware of only one thing and that is how much you want the pain to stop. At Midgette Family Dentistry, we are here to stop that pain for you.

When you experience tooth or jaw pain, call us and make an appointment. We offer emergency dental care for patients experiencing severe tooth or jaw pain. We will examine your tooth and consult with you regarding your best dental treatment options. Such severe pain can cause you to focus on extracting the tooth; however, for your best oral health, that is not always the best option.

When an otherwise viable tooth has an infected or damaged nerve causing pain, root canal therapy may be the better option. Saving a natural tooth is something we prioritize at Midgette Family Dentistry. Extracting a tooth is the last resort. Root canal therapy can save the tooth and eliminate the pain.

Examining the tooth in question and taking an x-ray will reveal the extent of the problem. It may not be decay or nerve damage that is causing the pain. A thorough exam along with the x-ray should disclose the root of the problem so it can be addressed.

Treatment for Jaw Pain Chesapeake, VA

Jaw pain can originate from an infected tooth, but it can also be caused by a variety of other issues. Clenching and grinding your teeth can lead to jaw pain. Extra stress is put on the temporomandibular joint and the muscles around the joint become fatigued and over-stressed. This can cause inflammation of the muscles and surrounding tissues which in turn can cause discomfort. Arthritis in the jaw muscles may also cause pain. An examination of the area should reveal the problem so it can be treated.

When you are experiencing jaw pain or pain from a tooth, be sure to contact Midgette Family Dentistry. We are happy to examine the area of your discomfort to find the source of your pain. With proper diagnosis, treatment can be determined and implemented for relief.