Understanding Oral Cancer in Chesapeake, VA

The reality that thousands of Americans were diagnosed with oral cancer, killing one person per hour, 24 hours per day is dreadful. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, this is due to the increase in the advent of the virus, HPV16, that contributes more to the incidence rate of oral cancer. HPV16 is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. It is the primary cause of oropharyngeal cancers and affects either male or female. HPV16 manifests in the base of the tongue, the back of the throat, and the tonsils. People who have a weak immune system are at higher risk of acquiring HPV infections leading to more cases of oral cancer.

We at Midgette Family Dentistry supports oral cancer prevention by implementing an early oral cancer detection through Oral Cancer Screening. We prioritize our patients’ dental and overall health by giving reliable oral cancer screening. We understand the oral needs of our patients that is why we worked seriously in providing them the best and most accurate dental services as possible.

Oral cancer develops when there is a change or mutation in a person’s genes leaving uncontrollable cell behaviors. Our body tends to generate genetic mistakes. Aside from this, genetic errors can either be inherited or caused by viruses or exposure to certain chemicals or radiation. The majority of a person who struggled with oral cancer are those with age 40 and under. Although there is a link between oral cancer and tobacco smokers, the young age group is confirmed to accumulate oral cancer because of the HPV16 virus. The early stage of oral cancer can go unnoticed, making it more dangerous. However, although the signs may not be visible, every dentist can detect tissue changes and even cancer while it is still small. Some symptoms can include a lump on the inside of the mouth and neck, numbness in the facial and oral region, difficulty in chewing, swallowing and speaking. For someone who chews tobacco, cancer may develop between the lip or cheek and the soft tissue that covers the lower jaw. Treatment for oral cancer may involve the efforts of the different professionals such as surgeons, radiation and chemotherapy oncologists, dental practitioners, and nutritionists depending on the stage. If there is any suspicious indication of cancer, it is important to seek for a firm diagnosis as early as possible.

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